Pregnancy & Maternity

Pregnancy & Maternity

Pregnancy & Maternity

The safest way for a woman to have a baby is by normal birth, the second one is by planned Caesarean Section. We undertake Planned Caesarean Section by maternal choice as it has no risk factors. 

The Bansal Global Hospital is designed to provide you and your baby with the best possible care to ensure the pregnancy period is as relaxed as possible. 

A good antenatal education session is a pre-requisite for Normal Birth, particularly a water birth. Therefore, we offer an antenatal education class a few weeks before the due date. We provide a range of antenatal and postnatal classes for you and your partner and exercise classes to help maintain general fitness and get your body ready for childbirth.

We understand the sensitivity and the complexities of childbirth and the health of the mother. As Delhi’s leading hospital, we are dedicated to the well-being of you and your baby. We offer a wide range of options for the various stages of pregnancy to meet your needs, including full Maternity Packages

After the birth of your baby, a team of professionals including maternity support workers, Physiotherapists and specialist consultants (Obstetricians and Paediatricians) will be available to provide you with the care and support you and your baby needs. 

Our gynaecology services include –

Coil Fitting Package

Coil fitting is an intrauterine device (IUD) also known as “coil” or “copper coil” is a T shaped device that is put in the uterus by a doctor or a nurse to prevent the pregnancy from happening 5-10 years. Learn more 

Colposcopy Package 

Colposcopy is a procedure to closely examine the cervix, vagina and vulva for signs of cancerous cells or abnormal cells that can become cancerous and for other health conditions. Learn more

Early Pregnancy

The early signs of pregnancy include missed periods, tender swollen breasts, nausea with or without vomiting, moodiness, fatigue etc. But these symptoms aren’t unique to pregnancy, they can also indicate your period is about to start. If you have missed your period and have the above-mentioned signs, take a pregnancy test at home. 

If the test comes positive, book an appointment with a gynaecologist. Our specialised team of Gynaecologists at Bansal Global Hospital are equipped with advanced technology to provide you with the best treatment in a sensitive environment. Learn more

Endometriosis Package

Endometriosis is a painful disorder in which the tissue that lines the uterus grows outside the uterus. It involves the ovaries, fallopian tubes and the tissue lining of the pelvis. If left untreated it can cause pain when you are menstruating and irregular periods which can lead to infertility. Learn more

Fertility Health Check

If you and your partner are trying to have a baby and haven’t been able to even after frequent unprotected intercourse for over a year. It is advised to get a fertility test.

Bansal Global Hospital partners with organizations that bring the latest cutting-edge technology for your fertility care and the most advanced fertility treatments and techniques to enhance your fertility experience, alongside our dedicated team of Fertility Specialists. Learn more

Fibroids Tests and monitoring

Fibroids are abnormal growths in the uterus. They are large tumours that cause severe abdominal pain and heavy periods. Sometimes they are benign and noncancerous and show no symptoms.

Fibroids tests and monitoring help confirm the diagnosis through ultrasound and lab tests. Because they can grow, they should be monitored. The specialised gynaecologists at Bansal Global Hospital are well prepared with all the advanced technologies to provide you with the best treatment and help you get better. Learn more

Follicle Tracking Package

Follicular tracking is an ultrasound transvaginal scan to assess the number and size of the ovarian follicles. It is used to monitor fertility and identify the best time to get pregnant. Learn more

HPV Vaccination

Strains of HPV spread through sexual contact and are linked with most cases of cervical cancer. HPV Vaccine is given to prevent cervical cancer. However, it can also provide protection against vaginal and vulvar cancer in women, genital warts and anal cancer in both, women and men. Learn more

Menopausal Health Check

Menopause is a natural process in which a woman’s menstrual cycle stops. It usually starts between the ages of 40 to 60. If you are between these age groups and haven’t had any periods for 6 months. The doctor can swab your vagina to check the pH to conform to Menopause. Our skilled team of gynaecologists at Bansal Global hospital can help you with all the answers and communicate what you can expect when you reach menopause. Learn more

PCOS Package

PCOS is a hormonal disorder that affects women of reproductive age. It causes due to genetic and environmental factors. Symptoms may include irregular periods, access hair growth, acne, obesity etc.  Our highly qualified team of doctors at Bansal Global Hospital will provide you with the best treatment and help you get in good shape. Learn more

Pre-Pregnancy Health Check

 A preconception medical check-up is done to ensure that your body is ready for the pregnancy. The doctor makes sure that you are healthy and look for any condition that can affect your pregnancy and the health of the baby. Pre-Pregnancy Health Check is done by a highly specialised team of doctors at Bansal Global Hospital aiming to provide you with the best care for you and your baby. Learn more


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