Most Common Fractures in Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is reduction of bone mass as bone break down dominates over bone formation. It occurs due to ageing, especially in women. It is important to screen it in time or it may cause fractures. Some of the common osteoporotic fractures are listed below.

Wrist fracture

Fracture of wrist is very common in osteoporosis. Wrist consists of small bones which may get fractured and are difficult to unite as blood circulation is limited in these small bones. Fractured bones are usually due impact from fall.

Hip fractures

Hip fractures are common due to fall in old age. It can be disabling or even fatal in many cases as haemorrhage in hip fractures is very common. Such fractures should be reported as soon as possible to Orthopaedic Doctor. Most of these fractures require surgical intervention.

Vertebrae fracture

Due to thinning of bones, vertebrae cannot bear body weight and get micro fractures very easily. These fractures reduce vertebrae height and cause ‘wedging’ of vertebrae. This leads to stooped posture and may cause pain and radiation to leg, says Dr. Suresh Bansal from Bansal Global Hospital. Vertebrae can get major fractures even by daily activities like lifting weights.

Forearm fracture

A forearm fracture is another very common fracture due to thinning of bones. It usually occurs due to fall on outstretched hand. This type of fracture may or may not require surgery. It is important to take care of adjacent joints to avoid stiffness.

It is important to take proper diet and exercise regularly in order to avoid osteoporosis and complications related to it. To know more about osteoporosis and its treatment, book an appointment with our ortho specialists at Bansal Global Hospital.

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