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How’s shoulder dislocation treated?

Shoulder dislocation is very common in athletes and even common population. It occurs mainly in road traffic accidents and sports injuries. It may be caused by many other factors as well. It is important to treat it on time or else it can cause pain and restrict movement. It can be treated in the following ways:

Closed reduction

Closed reduction is a method in which shoulder is relocated manually without any surgical intervention. It is very successful method to achieve correction. But it may damage the nearby artery therefore should be performed by experts. If shoulder is dislocated in such a way that it impinges any major nerve or vessel, surgical intervention may be required.


Splint is usually prescribed after achieving correction so that any soft tissue damage is healed. Splint is given for a short period of time to limit any inflammatory process.


Surgery is done in case of recurrent or chronic shoulder dislocation. Some surgeons may prefer it as first intervention depending on the type of dislocation and amount of damage that has occurred to the soft tissue.


Strengthening exercises are implemented after a good correction is achieved. It helps to avoid recurrent shoulder dislocation and is also important to gain normal movement of the limb after correction. These exercises should be prescribed by an expert physiotherapist to avoid injury and faster recovery.

The technique to be used for the treatment is based on individual symptoms and therefore an Orthopedic Doctor must be consulted before taking an further step.

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