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How your pregnancy diet should be in the summer season

The summers in Delhi are already unbearable and when it comes to pregnant women, only they know what they have to go through. Even though it isn’t a disease but a happy phase, the discomfort regarding some things cannot and should not be ignored.

Dr Bimla Bansal reveals that most pregnant women who consult her are confused about the diet as the Indian culture puts much emphasis on having a rich diet during pregnancy.

So, here’s it. It is not a rule to have heavy food even when the weather doesn’t allow you to. You should always choose your diet with the external factors (the weather included). So, what can you have during the summers to ensure both mommy and baby is healthy? Here’s a list:

  • Have a lot of fresh fruits. There’s nothing like this. If you don’t feel like having it directly, you can also get fresh fruit juice but ensure it is homemade and hygienic.
  • Keep your body hydrated.
  • Limit the consumption of dry fruits and other fatty foods as it can cause your body temperature to rise and create discomfort.
  • Include vegetables which are cool to your stomach.
  • Have a lot of salad.
  • If you feel like having something special, ensure that it is being ordered from a hygienic place.
  • A boiled egg can be an alternative for other heavy protein-rich sources.
  • Include milk in your diet; you can have cold flavoured milk as well.

All in all, it’s about choosing what’s right for your body in the current situation rather than following age-old norms. However, we aren’t denying to the nutritional value of the homemade things your grandma creates but putting a limit to it for your own good.

For more information on pregnancy diet, please book an appointment with our Gynaecologist, Dr Bimla Bansal at Bansal Global Hospital.

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