consulting a Doctor for family planning

How consulting a Doctor for family planning can help you

A common term, family planning refers to the practice of planning a family which includes the no. of kids a couple might plan to have, the time gap in between they are planning to have them, and when they want to stop having them. This is done by planning methods of contraception and voluntary sterilization.

The planning is recommended to be done with the help of a specialist, i.e. a Gynaecologist. It is can help you in many ways including:

  • Deciding upon the right kind of contraception for you and your partner.
  • By eliminating any kind of wrong decision taken by the couple due to lack of proper information.
  • By knowing your reproductive health better through certain methods of inspection.
  • By helping with contraceptive methods like the Copper-T.
  • By informing you of fertile days and other important things when you plan to conceive (or not).

As health care providers, we at Bansal Global Hospital take it as a social responsibility to provide optimal services to our clients. If you are also looking for some professional help in planning your family, you know the place to go! Please book an appointment by calling us or show up as per the doctors’ schedule.

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