Hand Washing Techniques

How to Wash Hands Effectively to Prevent Coronavirus?

The most essential tip to stay safe from Covid-19, any health expert would give is: Washing your hands properly. It is a key to keep yourself and your family unaffected from all kinds of viruses and microorganisms’. It keeps you healthy and avert the spread of the respiratory infection as germs can spread from other people or objects or surface after coming in contact with them, when you touch your nose, eyes and mouth with dirty hands. 


Therefore, amidst this global outbreak, the most important and easiest way to protect yourself from coronavirus is to wash your hands. Here is a step by step method to wash your hands the perfect way:

Step 1: Wet your hands to the wrist with running water, be it cold or warm. 

Step 2: Apply soap and lather properly.

Step 3: Scrub the entire hand from the back, under your nails and between your fingers for at least 20 seconds.

Step 4: Rinse your hands rigorously under running water.

Step 5: Wipe your hands with a clean towel. 

Adopting this routine can play a prime role in shielding your health. 

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