How to remain safe if you have asthma during COVID-19?

People who suffer from ordinary to acute asthma are at a higher risk of getting infected by the contagious infection. Covid 19 is a respiratory ailment triggered by coronavirus, which implies that it affects your respiratory tract i.e. nose, throat, lungs. Respiratory viral infections are the prime cause of asthma aggravation. Patients who have asthma, corona virus infection can lead to an asthma attack or other severe lung ailment. 


Here are guidelines for people who have asthma and are for susceptible to the current situation:

  • Take your preventer inhaler as prescribed on a daily basis. This keeps your asthma under control and will also reduce the threat of an asthma attack caused by corona virus or any other respiratory virus.
  • In case you feel asthma signs are catching up, use your inhaler immediately. Carry it with you all the time. 
  • Continue with your medication as before, if you want to alter your asthma treatment, consult your doctor and then proceed. 
  • Stick to your action plan, as this will aid you in identifying and managing your asthma sign, as and when they start. Measure your peak flow as this will be beneficial in handling your asthma better. 
  • Discuss any apprehension about your treatment with your doctor. 
  • Keep an emergency supply of prescribed medicines and inhalers with you at home. 
  • Avoid everything which can trigger your asthma.
  • Stress or extreme emotions can stimulate an asthma attack. Take measures to deal with stress and anxiety.
  • Wear mask and stay away from sick people.
  • Avoid gatherings and crowd.
  • Wash your hands properly with soap and water for at least 20 seconds or use an alcohol-based sanitizer. 
  • Quit smoking

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