Fracture Care : Precautions to take with your plaster cast

For most minor and average fractures, a plaster cast is sufficient to heal the bones. An expert orthopaedist always prefers to fix bone fractures with plaster casts when there is a possibility. A surgery is suggested only for major cases.

While putting up a plaster cast is an easy option and one gets used to it in a few days, there are a few precautions one need to take with the plaster. The list is as follows:

Don’t remove the sling: If a plaster has been put for arm fracture, the doctor provides you a sling (to be attached to the neck) to support the plaster. Though it might seem to be really comfortable to remove the sling and move about, it should be avoided. It is there for a reason and must be there to avoid any further injuries to the fracture.

Protect it from dampness: Your plaster is probably going to be there for at least 21 days and if you are not careful and water goes inside the plaster, you will require redoing it as it is not recommended to put on a wet or damp plaster as it might cause infections and even interfere with the healing if the plaster gets loose.

No lifting: In a few days the plaster will feel normal and you might be able to lift things with your open fingers, but you shouldn’t be doing so. It can hamper the healing.

Don’t put things inside: Even if it itches, you shouldn’t be putting things inside. Blow some cool air instead.

Other than these, you must always ask your doctor on what extra precautions to take as every plaster or fracture is different and needs different care.

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