5 Everyday Habits to Keep Your Bones Strong

Our bones do more vital job than we could possibly fathom. It’s not until something is malfunctioning that we realise the true value of it. And it can’t be truer for anything more than our bones. We tend to ignore caring for our bones and muscles and when they start showing symptoms of mis-care, it is pretty difficult to get back to normal.

To make sure it doesn’t come to the worse of scenarios; adopt these 5 everyday habits to keep your bones strong:

A glass of milk

Having a glass of milk everyday is recommended to everyone irrespective of age. It contains all important nutrients and minerals including calcium, which is the most important component of bones. Other than that, Vitamin D and iron rich food should also be included in the diet.

Exercise Regime

Follow a regular exercise regime even if it is just 15 mins twice a day. Consult a physiotherapist of orthopaedic doctor to suggest you some exercises which releases stress and relaxes muscles. You can also do yoga in the morning.

Jogging Regime

If your work schedule doesn’t allow you to exercise or you are too lazy to follow it, walking can solve the problem. You don’t need to extract extra time for it, just make sure you walk whenever possible. For example, walk to the bus/train station instead of taking a rickshaw, etc.

Be conscious about your Posture

Your posture is very important. Be conscious of how you sit and work, how you sleep, and other important activities. Continuous posture faults can cause long-term problems later in life.

Don’t put sudden stress on your bones and muscles

Everyday activities which seem to be harmless can sometimes leave you with aggravating pain. For example, trying to fetch a heavy pail of water while bending down, trying to stretch your body beyond capacity to doc certain chores, etc. Be mindful of your body’s capabilities.

Most importantly if there is any discomfort for more than a couple of days, you should go to a specialist to understand the problem and start with the right treatment.

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