Smoking and Fracture Healing

Dr. Bansal talks about Smoking and Fracture Healing

There are no second thoughts on the fact that smoking adversely affects your body, no matter what. As a doctor, I have often come across patients who smoked regularly and didn’t have the slightest idea of how damaging it can be. That’s hard to believe, but is a developing country like India it’s a hard fracture

Most of my patients are suffering from bone disorders or fractures. And when I tell them that smoking can delay their treatment or can worsen the case, they are taken aback. But that’s true. Smoking is known to negatively impact bone healing. Many fracture complications arise in a patient if he has a history of smoking for a prolonged time. Studies suggest that if a person smokes more than 5 times a day his blood vessels start to shrink and their capacity is reduced; therefore following complications can take place:

Delayed Union

Smoking makes the blood vessels weak and the vessels become incapable to carry nutrition. And in case of fracture, blood vessels are already damaged and take time to heal but because of smoking new vessels are unable to form and take time to join back.

Avascular Necrosis

It is very common in femur fractures when the blood supply is cut off from the femoral head and patients who have smoking habits are more prone to avascular necrosis. It is one of the leading causes that delay hip joint replacement in patients who have a smoking history or continue smoking even after injury.

Low Bone density

Bone density reduces drastically in smokers due the reduction in metabolism and poor nutritional supply to the bones and muscles. This creates a vicious cycle and bone is further prone to fragility fractures.

The solution? Fortunately or unfortunately is only one. Don’t smoke or at least try to minimize it to save you from future discomforts. If you are suffering from bone deformity or fractures of any kind, smoking can definitely worsen your case. So, be your own protector and quit smoking for the best.

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