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Don’t get scared of knee replacements

Knee Replacement Surgeries have become over the past few decades due to increased cases of degenerative knee diseases such as arthritis. Other than this knee replacements are also performed for infection in the knee joint, trauma and cancer etc. In previous times knee replacements were very complicated due to obsolete implants and technology but in today’s scenario with a variety of technologically advanced knee implants, disability is just a word.


Less invasive

Various implants are available according to needs and damage of joint. Sometimes only one side of the knee joint is affected hence there is no need to resurface the whole joint and only one compartment is replaced. This is called hemiarthroplasty and is less invasive as compared to total knee replacement.

More personalised

Even total knee replacement has become much less complicated with long-lasting and biomechanically advanced implants which last even for a lifetime. These implants are personalised for each and every patient. Gender-specific implants are also available keeping in mind the differences in anatomy, walking pattern and body shape in men and women.

High quality

The knee implants are made up of highly efficient and non-corrosive metal which increase the life of the implant. In between two metal bodies, there is a cross-linked polyethene body present which is highly durable and increases stability and effective in shock-absorbing within the joint. These features help you to walk more naturally after an arthroplasty.

Less time in bed

Numerous amounts of studies have been conducted on life after knee replacement which led to advancement in rehabilitation post total knee replacements. Now rehabilitation is of the shorter period and more effective so that you don’t need to stay on bed for long and could perform your daily life activities more effectively.

Therefore, it can be safely concluded that medical science has come far off in term of development and knee surgery or replacement is a no more excessively complicated surgery. It can be looked upon as a harmless option for people suffering terribly because of their knee problems. Bansal Global Hospital

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