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What to do if your child has dengue?

Dengue Child Care

Dengue is an illness that spreads through the bite of mosquitoes carrying the virus. There is no cure of dengue yet, but preventive measures and timely treatment can help you tackle the virus.

If your baby is infected with dengue, they can’t really tell you. Often, the symptoms are similar to other infections that are common in babies. That’s why recognizing symptoms of dengue in infants are quite difficult. See a doctor immediately, if your baby develops fever or low temperature, less than 36°C or 96.8°F with the following signs:

  1. Rash on the body.
  2. Unusual bleeding in gums and nose.
  3. Bruising on the body.
  4. Vomiting at least 3 times in the 24 hours.

How you can care for your sick baby at home?

  1. Monitor fever: Give medicines that help manage the fever of your baby. Give cool water sponge baths to reduce the fever.
  2. Give plenty of fluids: Vomiting, fever or, lack of water in the body causes dehydration. Dehydration especially in babies is harmful, therefore, make sure you give them plenty of fluids.
  3. Watch for signs of dehydration: If your baby doesn’t have proper amount of liquids in their body, it will affect their bodily functions. Dehydration can happen quite quickly and is dangerous for babies which can lead to hospitalisation.

Here are some mild and severe signs of dehydration in babies you need to watch out:

Mild symptoms of dehydration:

  1. Urinating less frequently. For infants, less than 6 wet diapers in a day.
  2. Dry lips, mouth and tongue.
  3. Few or no tears while crying.

What you should do when you baby shows mild symptoms of dehydration: Call your child’s paediatrician immediately.

Severe symptoms of dehydration:

In addition to above-mentioned symptoms, severe dehydration includes the following signs:

  1. Very fuzzy
  2. Very sleepy
  3. Lack of energy
  4. Sunken eyes
  5. Cold, discoloured feet and hands
  6. Urinates once or twice day

What to do if your baby shows severe signs of dehydration: Go to urgent care clinic or an emergency room.

Dengue Child Care

If you see above-mentioned symptoms in your baby and suspect dengue or dehydration, consult the paediatrician immediately, and take necessary actions. Consult our team of health care experts at the Bansal Global Hospital. Fix your appointment today and contact us at +919911062832

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