Common Postural Problems in Office Going People

Working 9 to 5 is stressful and tiring and often office going people are unable to take good care of their health complying with this schedule. It eventually leads to weakness and shortening of muscles over time. Problems like painful movements and pain radiating to arms and legs start showing in the early stages, which can go worse if not taken care of. Here are few postural deviations seen in office going population which can be managed with a few minute exercises per day:

Forward head


posture occurs as a result of staring at a screen for long time. While staring at a screen we unconsciously take our head forward and develop a tendency to keep it like that after a period of time. Hence it is important to keep your computer at your eye level and remind yourself to keep your head backward.

Slump posture

Due to long sitting hours during work, our back muscle becomes weak and abdominal muscles become tight which leads to deformation of spine and causes pain. With regular exercise of back muscle and abdomen stretching spine, deformity can be avoided. Take few minutes break every half an hour to take a short walk so that your back muscles work more efficiently without getting fatigue.

Rounded shoulder

Chest muscles become easily tight and pull shoulder forward which occurs with slouched posture. Regularly stretch the chest muscles to maintain shoulder position. Strengthen upper back muscles by pressing shoulder blades against each other.

Limited neck movements

Neck muscles such as upper trapezius and shoulder elevator muscles get tightened with time due to lack of physical activity. This may result in severe muscle spasm and formation of knots in shoulder muscles which further lead to painful and reduced neck movements.

It is important to take short five minutes breaks in between work and perform a few exercises and take a walk around to keep your body strong and refreshed. If you are regularly feel pain or discomfort in any part of your body, especially joints, you should immediately book an appointment with an orthopaedic doctor to get it treated before the condition worsens.

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