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How to build your Child’s Immunity?

An immune system is the body’s shield against diseases. A child’s immune system is a big concern for every parent. It’s a nightmare for parents to see their child falling prey to a contagious disease. There is no denying that children are more susceptible to infection, germs, virus due to unavoidable exposure in the park or school or other surroundings. Stomach infection, running nose, consistent cold and cough, fatigue is quite common amongst children. The immune system of your child takes a strike if they are continuously attacked by food allergies, inflammation and bruises.


The more pragmatic approach towards strengthen your child’s immune system is encouraging your child to:

  • Eat a balanced diet
  • Washing their hand frequently especially before eating food
  • A fixed bedtime
  • Immunizations is also very important

Be in regular touch with your paediatrician’s guidance in regard to your child’s vaccination schedule. It is commenced during infancy and remains steady till adulthood.             

However, if your child’s immune system is sacrificed and he suffers frequent infections, consult a doctor immediately. We at Bansal Global Hospital have a team of specialized paediatrics who focuses on complete and integrated child health care service with a caring atmosphere.

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