Encephalopathy vs Encephalitis

Causes of chamki fever- Acute Encephalitis Syndrome and Hypoglycaemic Encephalopathy

Are they similar to one another?

It is less probable that you haven’t heard about the children dying in several districts of Bihar. In common term, the deaths are said to be the result of a condition called Chamki Fever in the local language.

But there are two more official terms in a discussion. One is Acute Encephalitis Syndrome and the other is Hypoglycaemic Encephalopathy. The former one is what gets the name of Chamki fever. But on the other hand, the latter is the cause of most of the deaths. So, are both of the same?

“No, they aren’t the same. Both conditions differ in symptoms as well as a clinical demonstration.”

Encephalopathy vs Encephalitis


Encephalitis leads to brain dysfunction and usually fever show up as the first symptom in the very first day of being infected. In Hypoglycaemic Encephalopathy, the fever is recorded after the brain dysfunction. In some cases, there was no fever at all.


Moving to the blood sugar level, it is normal in AES while it is low in children with encephalopathy. So, the entire role of litchi fruit is in this disease.


One of the reports read, “In encephalitis, there are more white blood cells per unit volume of cerebrospinal fluid, which is a reflection of inflammation in the brain. In contrast, no increase in white blood cells is seen in hypoglycaemic encephalopathy as there is no inflammation in the brain.”

It is so clear that Acute Encephalitis Syndrome &Hypoglycaemic Encephalopathy are not similar to each other!

Apart from these, a child might have normal viral fever as well. So, it is best that a doctor is consulted and regular tests are done before starting any line of treatment in children.

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Doctors are not a god but can help you in many ways!

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