Breast self examination

Breast Self Examination

What is breast self examination?

A breast self-exam for breast examination is a screening of your breasts; you can do at home to test for breast lumps. If you frequently examine your breasts you will become more alert of how your breasts feel. An early detection of breast cancer can increase the chance of survival.

Courtesy pic: considers regularly examining your breast as useful and a vital screening tool. It can be performed 3 to 5 days after you’re menstrual cycle ends. Women who are in there menopause phase should select a particular day to perform the exam, like the primary day of every month.

A breast self-exam can help screen for:

  • tumors
  • cysts
  • other abnormalities within the breasts 

How to carry out a breast self-exam

Stand topless ahead of a mirror with your hands at your sides. Visually scrutinize your breasts for the following:

  • changes in shape or size
  • masses
  • inverted nipples
  • puckering
  • nipple discharge
  • asymmetrical ridges at the underside
  • lumps

Check for these signs with your hands at your sides and also with your arms above your head while lifting one breast at a time. The above changes can be an early sign of breast cancer.

If you notice any change in your breast, visit a prime care specialist immediately or a breast specialist, who will perform a physical exam to assess the lump or a mass. The doctor may even recommend a mammogram or an ultrasound.

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