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While infertility is on the rise, couples are bound to get worried when they are unable to conceive in spite of regular efforts. But in most cases, it isn’t about fertility. It’s about the right time. Just trying randomly might not bring out expected results.

We talked to Dr. Bimla Bansal about this and she agreed saying many of her patients undergo serious stress because they are unable to conceive without any particular medical problem detected. The problem is with the time.

Human body works in a certain way. Reproductions in humans happen when sperm from the male body comes in contact with a woman’s egg. But this is true only under certain condition. In other words, it also depends highly on the women’s reproductive or period cycles.

One is most likely to get pregnant when one’s ovulating. It’s the process of releasing eggs by the female body.  It’s generally for 12-24 hours but the ovulation window is counted to be about 2-3 days . But how do you identify if you are ovulating? Dr. Bimla Bansal talks of some common and easy ways to identify so:

Pregnant Cycle

  • If your periods are regular, you can use an ovulation calculator or count manually. If your cycle is of 28 days, you will be ovulating on the 14th day after the first day of your last period. For you to conceive, you need to engage in an act of intercourse with your partner within this window.



  • There are ovulation prediction kits available now days which indicates when you are likely to ovulate, by calculating your hormonal levels.
  • Body temperature and cervical mucus also indicates when you ovulate. Keeping a check on them might also help.
    Unlike popular belief, it isn’t only during those 12-14 hrs that you need to have intercourse. Male sperm can live within your body for about 3-4 days and if you happen to ovulate within that period, it can result in conceiving.
    If you are unable to conceive in spite of taking care of everything, you might need medical help. In that case, you should consult a specialist without any delay.
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