Stomach ache

Acute stomach pain and ICU

Many of us don’t consider stomach pain too serious until it becomes difficult to bear and even to treat. Many times this negligence can result in prolonged intensive care and management. Some of the common stomach ailments seen in intensive care units are listed below:

Gastrointestinal bleeding

Gastrointestinal bleeding can lead to major amount of blood loss from the body. It can occur due to many reasons including some drugs. In such cases, blood is drained out from body to avoid increase in abdominal pressure. Patient may need to receive blood from outside to maintain normal hemodynamic levels. If not treated, person can go in shock stage.


Abdominal infections are very common and can occur due to consuming of infected food and water. If not treated early, such infections can spread and cause septic shock and even death. Intensive care is required in case septic shock and it is treated with antibiotics

Abdominal cancer

Abdominal growth or cancer can be reason of abdominal pain. Colon cancer is known to be very common in abdominal cancers. In such patients, colon may need to be removed and replaced by a temporary pouch outside body to collect feces. Other abdominal cancers may also require surgery and ICU care.

While you can be all Precautious, sometimes the disease manages to get hold of you. Complicated stomach infections can lead you to the ICU.

If anyone you care about needs such care, ensure that the care is being provided by a hospital which has a well-equipped ICU and staff to attend the patient. You can also call us or bring your patient to Bansal Global Hospital directly for specialized treatment.

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