5 Qualities To Look For in Your Orthopaedist

Due to the contemporary lifestyle in cities, back pain, neck pain, leg pain, and similar terms are a part of our everyday living. Most of us avoid going to the doctor and gulp down pain killers every now and then.

But it doesn’t help to get rid of the problem. In fact, it lets the problem grow within as no attention is provided to it as pain killers soothe the pain for a while. Taking painkillers on a regular basis is not good for your overall health and can affect your kidneys and other organs destructively.

If you have joint pain, back pain, sciatica pain, or any other bone related issues and deformities, it is strongly suggested to consult an orthopaedic doctor at the earliest.

Here’s a guide on what 5 qualities you need to check before fixing an appointment with a bone specialist:


 The first of all things is to cross check the specialization of the doctor. Not only they should be qualified doctors, but should have a specialization in pain management. Specialist orthopaedist are trained professionally to treat your back pain, neck pain, leg pain, skip disk related pain, sciatica pain, etc.


A doctor that takes you to the operation room for every minor thing isn’t someone you are looking for. While some cases are critical, most sciatica and other bone related problems can be solved via proper medication and physiotherapy.


A well-experience doctor is preferred because they have dealt with many similar cases like yours and hence know what is best for you.


Facilities like plaster for fracture treatment, physiotherapy for sciatica pain (& other bone problems) are some integral services one might look for in an orthopaedic doctor’s clinic. So, ensure that you don’t have to run from place to place and all your needs from diagnostic tests to physiotherapy and other procedures are taken care of under one roof.


An orthopaedic surgeon knows bones more than anyone else. Also, for severe bone displacement cases, surgery might be required. It is therefore suggested that one specialist surgeon be consulted from the very beginning to ensure that your doctor understands your case and can perform an impeccable surgery, if required.


At Bansal Global Hospital, we understand what’s best for you and strive to serve it to you. We have specialised team of orthopaedic surgeons, pain-management specialists, and physiotherapists to help you get rid of every kind of bone-related issues.

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