5 Common Reasons of Back Pain in Young People

Back pain is a common problem not only in aged people but increasingly getting hold of adults and young adults as well. The pain is mostly related to lifestyle issue, but broadly most of the back pain complaints are due to the following reasons:

Sedentary Lifestyle:

The most common reason recorded for back pain in young people is the lack of regular physical activity. Most of the youngsters (work group mostly) spend 8-10 hours of their working on a laptop or computer, putting great stress on their muscles.

Lack of Exercise:

Inter-related to the above point, lack of exercise is what actually affects your muscles. Even of you are working 8 hours a day, following a strict exercise regime every day can do wonders to your bone health. Include simple exercises in your regime which can be done sitting at your workplace.

Insufficient Diet:

Not in terms of quantity, but quality. Young people prefer junk and store bought food for the ease of consumption but it leads to deficiency of different minerals in the body including calcium, iron, protein, and Vitamin D which are vital for strong bones and muscles.

Sleep Irregularities:

Using phone while sleeping or sleeping in incorrect postures can lead to back pains that keep on coming back. Right pillow and mattress is also important to ensure that your back is getting proper rest. You can consult your orthopaedist pr physiotherapist about that.

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Everyday activities: You need to careful with everyday activities as well. For example, if you suddenly pick up a heavy bucket of water it can give a shock to your muscles and in return can cause pain and discomfort.

While it is okay to have slight pain once in a while, it shouldn’t be ignored if it keeps showing up now and then. Consult a specialist to know about the root of the problem and start the treatment process right away!

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