Frequent cramps and aches

4 Signs Your Bone Health is Deteriorating

There are symptoms to every sickness or disorder. The same applies to the deterioration of any organ or system in your body. Today, we will talk about the bones in our body. How do you know your bone health is deteriorating? Check out for these 4 signs:

Receding Gums

The jawbone supports your teeth and if you are going through a bone loss, your gums start receding. Moreover, it can also lead to teeth loss. If you are aging and going through these symptoms, you might need to see a dentist and also show the results of the x-rays to an orthopedic doctor.

Weak nails

Weak nails

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No matter what age you are, weak and brittle nails (which chip and break easily) are a sign of poor weak health. If you are still young, start taking up nutritious food. If the condition is worsening, consider seeing a bone specialist doctor.

Weakening Grip

You can feel your grip. Just like when you are sick and your grip feels loose, bone loss or deterioration causes the same effect to your grip. If you have noticed instances like the difficulty is opening heavy doors, opening lid of jars, etc., you need to see a doctor.

Frequent cramps and aches

If your body pains frequently, be it back pain or any joint pain, it means you have weak bones. It is mostly due to a sedentary lifestyle. So, start changing your habits and exercise regularly to keep your bones fit.

Our senior Orthopedic Doctor at Bansal Global Hospital firmly believes that any medical problem can be sorted out more efficiently if it is detected early. So, if you notice any of the above signs, don’t delay your trip to the doctor!

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