What is social distancing, Isolation,and Quarantine

Covid19: What is social distancing, Isolation,and Quarantine


Social Distancing:

It is referred to as maintaining a physical distance during Coronavirus outbreak to prevent themselves from getting the contagious infection. As per the guidelines of WHO – World Health Organization and CDC – Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, you are likely to maintain a social distance of 6 feet i.e. 2 meters from another person.


The person is required to quarantine themselves if they are suffering from Covid 19 or who were exposed to someone who was infected from the communicable disease. It implies staying in one place or being at home for 14 days. The prime motive is to restrict the movement of an individual to keep an eye and monitor if they have caught the infection or do not know about it. This even prevents the spread of the disease. If the person doesn’t develop any symptom of Coronavirus post quarantine period ends are unconstrained. According to CDC, people who are quarantined are supposed to remain at home for 14 days, wear a mask if they come in contact with other people, keep a close eye on their symptoms such as shortness of breath, fever, and cough. If the symptoms get worse, call a doctor immediately.


Isolation means separating coronavirus-affected patients from those who are not infected. Doctors and medical care providers have taken special precautions for individuals who are suffering from Covid 19, they have isolation units for severely sick people, but those who have mild symptoms are asked to isolate at home. Such patients are required to isolate themselves in a particular room away from other family members. Even if the individual is Asymptomatic, but have tested Covid 19 positive still have to go for isolation. During home isolation, they are required to stay away from family members and even pets. They have to use a separate bedroom and bathroom (if possible). Do not share towels, dishes, utensils, bedding, cups, or any other household items. It is essential to forbid all visitors so that they don’t get exposed to the infection. In case, your symptoms are getting worse, urgently contact your doctor for further advice.

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