What is an ICU?

What is an ICU?

The term ICU is frequently thrown upon when it comes to hospital care but many don’t know what exactly it is. Even if they know, they don’t the function of ICU in emergency health care. So, this piece of writing is more about understanding the term and what it means in a health care system.

To start with the acronym, ICU stands for Intensive Care Unit. As the name suggests, it is a specified room(s) or space in a hospital which specialized in treating and taking care of patients with serious issues who need emergency and intricate treatment.

The space is differentiated on the basis of its environment as well. It is away from the hustle-bustle of the rest of the hospital. This is to make sure that the patient gets a silent and more peaceful environment to recover.

What’s more?

And that’s not it. The ICU also has specialized machinery and ventilators to aid the patient during the treatment. The nurse to patient ratio in ICU s is much higher than in general ward. It also has other facilities like IV lines, dialysis machines, etc.

So, now you know what an ICU is, it would be easier for you to understand why a hospital with an ICU is more preferable than others. Such hospitals are ready for worse scenarios and can serve you better. Based on the same thought, Bansal Global Hospital is now equipped with an ICU to take care of patients. Visit us to know more.

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