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Unexplained Weight Gain – Causes

Most of us worry about gaining weight – they tend to put on weight when they eat and drink more than they can burn. Lack of exercise, overeating increases the body fat in the body and can lead to obesity. Gaining a few kilos is not a problem but if you are someone who eats in moderation, workout regularly still have gained those extra kilos; this can be a symptom of any underlying health issues.



The following medical condition can be a hidden reason behind weight gain:

  • Feeling exhausted all the time – you may be suffering from Hypothyroidism
  • Abnormal periods – can be a sign of PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome)
  • Mood swings, irritable attitude – you are dealing with depression or anxiety
  • Unable to sleep in the night – it can be insomnia
  • Missing your periods – you may be going through Perimenopause and Menopause
  • Feeling bloated – you may be suffering from SIBO – Small Intestinal Bacterial Growth
  • Have started with a new medication – few medicines have side effects 
  • Too much of cortisol production in the body – it can be Cushing’s disease
  • Protruding belly – can be a sign of Ovarian or Uterine Tumor
  • Sudden weight gain – could be Diabetes

If you are also experiencing sudden change in your weight and have piled on extra kilos. It is always recommended to go for a regular health care checkup. Years of going undiagnosed can have serious side effects on the body. Consult our team of experts at Bansal Global Hospital. Fix your appointment today and contact us at +919911062832

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