Tips to Prevent Excessive Coughing Due to Pollution

If you live in Delhi, air pollution needs no introduction. You are aware of it and see it every day live and clear. In the starting, it was just taken as a joke. To the authorities, it seems it still is. But for us, the common population, it is a serious concern as it affects our health in the longer run.

Not only in the long run but even now most every one of us is sick frequently and coughing excessively and regularly. What’s the solution? Apart from doing your individual contribution to reducing pollution, here’s what you can do to prevent excessive coughing due to pollution:

  • Use a humidifier if you live at home most of the time. For offices, you can keep non-electric or natural humidifiers on your office table at least.
  • Adopt more natural methods like ginger and honey in the morning, or have basil (tulsi) leaves as a routine, etc.
  • Wear a mask when out. It is really important so don’t ignore and buy a couple of re-usable masks. Clean them regularly as well.
  • Plant more plants and trees around you and make sure they survive by watering them on time. Keep as many indoor plants possible.
  • Take proper rest and watch your food.
  • If cough increases or shows additional symptoms, see a doctor for help.

If your cough continues for more than 2-3 weeks, it’s a warning sign that you must see a specialist. Blaming the pollution won’t help your illness. Immediately book an appointment at a hospital and get your illness analyzed for proper treatment.

You can book an appointment at Bansal Global Hospital by contacting our help desk or leave us a query online.

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