Tips to Managing Your Asthma During the Winter Season

Tips to Managing Your Asthma During the Winter Season

Asthma Attack – 8 Important Ways to Protect Yourself During Winters:

Asthma is a chronic ailment, which disturbs the airways in your lungs and makes the winter season tough for you. The airways puffed up and the respiratory muscles get stiffened. This can lead to breathing issues, coughing, and tightening of the chest. The Winter season is a tough time for asthma patients. They should take extra precautions during this cold weather. The cold air is dry and lacks moisture, which makes their condition worse. The two challenges they face are:

  • People tend to spend more time in the house
  • The cold weather outside
  • When you are inside the house for a long mold, dust, and dirt trigger asthma. Whereas, when you go outside you can get an attack from inhaling the cold air. Here are 8 important ways to protect yourself from falling sick during winters:1.Practice good hygiene:

    Washing hands is the most important part of maintaining hygiene. The viral and bacterial diseases can aggravate asthma. Wash your hand properly for at least 20 seconds before eating your food or after touching any surface. This will reduce the irritants that result in asthmatic attacks.

    1. Don’t sit near a fireplace:

    Fireplace triggers asthma, as the smoke produces from firewood can cause asthma attacks during winters. The ashes irritate the airways and cause lung irritation. The same is the case with gas stoves or burning candles in the house, as they can affect your lungs.

    1. Cover yourself up

    Wear a scarf when you go out of your home, as this will warm the air you will breathe. This will also avoid the abrupt shock of cold air in your lungs, which can initiate an asthma attack.

    1. Get a flu shot on priority

    Managing your asthma during winters is very essential. Therefore, make sure that you take your flu shots every year to avoid the chances of falling sick. The flu vaccine will protect you from the flu.

    1. Breathe through your nose

    It sounds so simple, but most of the time you will notice people breathing through their mouths. When you breathe through your nose, the air warms up before it reaches your lungs and protects you from wheeze or breathing issues.

    1. Clean your house:

    Keep your space neat and tidy and free of dust. This will keep the lung disorder at bay during the winter season. Replace your filters timely to avoid any kind of dirt, that can irritate your lungs. Don’t use room fresheners as they can initiate an attack. Avoid any painting work in winters to protect yourself from fumes that can activate lung irritation.

    1. Be active indoors

    Don’t expose your lungs to a cold breeze. Reduce your outdoor time and get involved in any hobby inside the house. If you are planning to join a gym or cycling outdoors, then cover yourself properly by using a scarf to prevent any asthma symptoms.

    1. Make an action plan

    During winters, ask your doctor about a medication plan to control asthma. Ask them what you need to do if your condition flares up? As an individual we know our triggers, so avoid doing anything which can make you fall sick.

    When to See a Doctor

    If you notice that you are facing trouble breathing often and other symptoms are getting worse, you should visit a doctor immediately. We at the Bansal Global Hospital have a team of specialists who can help you in finding the most probable asthma triggers in your life and help in reducing or removing them for your integrated health. Contact us at +919911062832.

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