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Sports Injuries and its Effective Treatment at Bansal Global Hospital

Sports injuries are very common these days. This may be due to improper techniques, overuse or repetitive activities, problems with attitude, and posture of the body. Even minor injuries can affect the performance of the player hence a sportsperson should be closely monitored before allowed to play. Still, injuries do manage to creep in. At Bansal Global Hospital we make sure that every injury is healed properly and no trauma faces negligence. Below are some of the most common injuries sportsperson might suffer from:


Ligament injuries, especially around knee and ankle, are very common during contact sports such as football and basketball etc. if not treated properly it may re-occur and eventually cause impairment. To avoid this, proper treatment and rehabilitation are done at Bansal Global Hospital so that the player can go back to the field as soon as possible.


Fractures are the ultimate foe of a player. In high impact sports, fractures may lead to reduced strength of the limb and the person may not be able to play again. But if a good reduction is achieved and joint surfaces remain intact patient can play again. Bansal Global Hospital’s sports injury and rehabilitation team make sure that the need for a sportsperson is fulfilled and the least damage is done to the body.


These kinds of injuries occur when muscles are overloaded beyond its limit which makes the tendon to break from its attachment. Another cause is repetitive stress. Usually, conservative treatment is enough for such injuries but sometimes surgery is required to fix and set the muscle in the proper position. Expertise in decision making and reviving the patient back to good health is required from the doctor you consult for the injury.


These kinds of injuries are common in throwing sports and require immediate attention. These injuries not only affect the joint but also the surrounding soft tissue structures get damaged. Manipulating the joint and relocation is done with care so that the surrounding structure is minimally stressed.


These injuries may be a result of fracture of may occur due to a direct hit. Nerve reconstruction is a tricky process and precision of hands is required to perform such procedures. Other than this, rehabilitation plays a huge role in gaining back strength. Bansal Global Hospital takes care of every minor need of patient so that he/she can give her best on the field.

The most important thing to note is that sports injuries don’t show up immediately in many cases. You might experience a little but continuous discomfort in the affected area, but it is ignored by the player and the injury keeps on getting severe. To avoid this, players should be conscious of their body and should consult a specialist in case of any constant pain or discomfort. Regular checkups must also be done at an interval of 6months.

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