Why Regular Breast Examination Is Necessary Beyond 40 Years

Breast cancer is a treacherous disease which is aggressively spreading among women across the globe. A sizeable part of its prevalence is in women older than 40 years of age. Though the silver lining is, it is treatable in many cases if detected at the very first stage with least complications. Middle aged women worldwide suffer from breast cancer due to following reasons, which makes them vulnerable to the life threatening disease:

Low Immunity

As we start ageing, our immunity goes down and body becomes susceptible to infections and tumour cells. Not only it is important to keep our immunity at best but regular breast screening can help cop up with tumour cells more effectively.

Hormonal Changes

Ageing can take a toll on our hormonal levels. After 40 years of age our body alters the production of hormones which is known to promote breast cancer. It is very difficult to balance hormones when it fluctuates. It is a good idea to get you checked for breast abnormalities, to get rid of the doubts.

Sedentary Lifestyle

Inactivity, poor eating habits, and inadequate sleep can be a reason of low health, infectious and non infectious diseases which also includes oncogenic cell growth. Though with proper lifestyle we can avoid such cell growth but harmful pesticides and adulterant somehow make way to our plates and accumulate with time. So it is important to check for any underlying abnormality as soon as possible.

How is early detection helpful?

Breast cancer or tumour is easily treatable in early stages and is quite non invasive. But if detected in later stages there are chances of surgery failure, re-occurrence and other co-morbidities such as metastasis or movement of tumour cells in other part of the body too. In order to avoid such situations early detection is necessary.

You should therefore make sure that you, after 40 years of age or any of your dear ones who fit the criteria, should get yourself examined regularly by an experienced gynaecologist.

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