High patient: nurse ratio

Reasons Why You Should opt for a Hospital with an ICU

We are living in an informative world today. Starting from our food to what we wear and the places we go to, we are very selective about it. The information available on the internet and elsewhere helps us do so.

So, when we make every decision of life so carefully, how can we choose a hospital, a place meant to replenish health and cure diseases, just like that? Especially in cases of emergency or in instances of complicated procedures, we should be mindful of the hospital we choose.

One of the main factors to look out for is whether the hospital has an ICU or intensive care unit.

Here’s why you should opt for a hospital with an ICU:

You never know: In case of emergency, you never know what the patient is suffering through. Therefore, it is best that they are taken to a hospital with ICU ward, our senior Dr. Suresh Bansal says.

Close monitoring: The equipments in an ICU and the staff in charge of the ICU make sure that the patient isn’t left unattended and every movement is monitored. This further helps in quick recovery of the patient.

Close monitoringHigh patient: nurse ratio: Compared to other wards, more nurses and caretakers are appointed to each patient in an ICU.

Under unfavourable circumstances: Some procedures are not 100% fool proof. For example in plastic surgery cases, heart surgery cases, pregnancy cases, etc. IT can go wrong in 1% of cases no matter how expert the staffs are. Under such cases, the patient requires ICU care and it is best that the hospital they are in offers such services.

Owing to all the factors above, Bansal Global Hospital is now a hospital with not only first class health infrastructure, but with a promising ICU. Visit us to know more about our services and health care system.

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