child from Encephalitis

Preventive Measures to protect your Child from Encephalitis

The acute Encephalitis Syndrome, commonly known as the Chamki Fever has taken hundreds of lives in northern India. Sadly, all of them are children between the ages of 1-10yrs. With so many lives being lost around, it is evident that parents are panicking all around. What if my child suffers?

Well, there is no hard and fast rule as to how to protect your child from it, but you can certainly take some measures to keep your child healthy in this season of extreme heat and humidity.

Here are some measures you are recommended to take:

  • Keep your child hydrated.
  • Keep your child clean.
  • Even though there isn’t any concrete relevancy, avoid giving lichi to your children.
  • If you live near lichi orchards, don’t let your child wander around.
  • Food and water should be double checked before your child consumes it.
  • Outside food should be avoided.
  • Avoid contact with anyone who has encephalitis.
  • Routine vaccination is supposed to reduce the probability of encephalitis drastically.

You can never be 100% sure. So, if you notice any of the symptoms of encephalitis in your child, immediately take them to a well-equipped Hospital. If detected early, it can be treated within a few days.

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