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Pregnancy Diaries: Swelling of legs- Normal vs Abnormal

Pregnancy is joyful but at the same time a delicate stage. Things which we ignore normally can be signs for something wrong, when it comes to pregnancy. Today, we will talk about one such issue, i.e. the swelling of legs.

Don’t worry; we aren’t implying necessarily that swelling is abnormal. In most conditions, swelling of legs in pregnancy is normal. It is caused by additional blood and body fluids which is produced by the body to meet the needs of the growing baby.

This normal swelling also has a term, which is edema. It is experienced not only in different parts of the legs, but in hands and face as well. It is normally noticed during the fifth month and increases as you enter the third trimester.

But in some cases, it can be abnormal and might be one of the signs of preeclampsia. The abnormal symptoms of swelling in legs include:

  • Abnormal facial swelling along with the legs.
  • Puffed up eyes or puffiness around the eyes.
  • Abnormal swelling of hands.
  • Sudden swelling of feet and ankles.

In any case, know that your Gynaecologist knows the best. If you cannot tell between normal or abnormal swelling of legs or other parts of your body, it is best to book an appointment with experienced Gynaecologists.

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