Acute back pain

Lifestyle habits that causes Back Pain


Anybody can get back pain from teenagers to adults to older people. There are few lifestyle habits that you at bigger risk of developing back pain:

  • Your Job: If your profession comprises twisting, pulling or lifting which strains a spine, this can lead to pain. Even sitting at a desk throughout the day can also cause backache, particularly if your chair is not very comfortable and you tend to slouch.
  • Your Bag: Any additional weight you carry can cause of lower back pain. If you carry a briefcase, shoulder or a sling bag on a regular basis, an overstuffed bag can stress the lumbar spine. 
  • Your exercise routine: Over exercising is one of the common cause for back pain as this can overextend the muscle which strains the lower back. A person is more susceptible to back pain if they had remained inactive for a while and then suddenly will spend hours in playing golf or work out. 
  • Posture related pain: If you slouch, then you are more prone to pain in the lumbar area. Therefore, it is essential to sit with good back support, feet resting on the floor and without bending your shoulder forward. When you stand your weight should be evenly distributed on both the feet. 
  • Having a sedentary lifestyle: People who have a lazy or a sedentary lifestyle are at a larger risk of developing chronic back pain. An inactive lifestyle can lead to poor posture which gives pain in the back. 

If you are suffering from back pain for more than a week and it is becoming unbearable, you should see an Orthopedic expert immediately. Consult our team of health care provider at Bansal Global Hospital.

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