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Join Pain – How to Reduce Pain in Winters?

Do painful joints bother you doing cold weather? Do you feel soreness in your ankles, hips and knees whenever there is cold breeze around? 

Winters are definitely a tough time for people who suffers from arthritis. With the change in weather, especially the drop in temperature – pains and stiffness gets very common. A lot of people experience reduced range of motion. But why some people respond to change in weather and others do not is still uncertain. There are many reasons which cause pain in the joints. The cold weather makes the muscles feel more stressed and stiff.  This tension can cause less movement and elasticity in the joints.

Some people complain of feeling lazy, inflexible and achy in the winter. Cold weather is rough, and the uneasiness makes a person painfully mindful of every cramp and twinge. Proper diet, health care and the little change in the lifestyle can help arthritis patients deal with deteriorating warning sign this time of the year.

Here are several measures which you can take to improve your quality of life and reduce the discomfort caused by the cold weather.

  1. Keep yourself warm by dressing up properly. This will reduce the unbearable joint pain. Wearing several layers will also protect the body from a drop in temperature.
  2. It is very important to keep your body active, especially during winter season. This will keep your joints and muscles healthy.
  3. Even a small amount of weight gain will put extra weight on your knees and joints. Therefore, maintain a healthy weight in winters.
  4. Drink enough water to get rid of muscle cramps. Dehydration makes your more body sensitive towards pains.
  5. A healthy diet is very essential for overall wellness of your body.
  6. Lack of Vitamin D makes your body more prone to aches. It also puts you at risk of arthritis and osteoporosis. It is very important to be under the sun for a while every day.
  7. Sleep well and relax your muscles.
  8. Don’t put any strain on your joints unnecessarily.
  9. Put heating pads to areas which are sore. This will soothe your muscles.

Why does the cold weather cause stiffness and pain?

Although, there is no particular reason for why the fall in temperature causes joint pain. But as per one theory, the reason could be a change in the atmospheric pressure, dry air, and other winter-associated issues. This can cause expansion of muscles, ligaments and nearby tissues. Because of the limited space inside the body, this can lead to pain, particularly in arthritis affected joints.

Why some people are more prone to joint pains than others?

Everybody responds to changing barometric pressure, but people who suffer from chronic pain and arthritis are more susceptible to feeling uneasy and uncomfortable. Cold weather also affects the mood, if a person is stressed or sad, the sensitivity of pain can be overblown.

When to visit a doctor?

If the pain gets unbearable along with constant swelling, soreness, difficulty in performing daily activities and immense pressure on the joints. It is advisable to consult an Orthopedic expert immediately. Consult our team of health care provider at the Bansal Global Hospital.

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