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Immediate steps to be taken at home after a burn injury (First Degree Burns)

A burn injury causes tingling pain and seems to be unmanageable at the time of the burn. The discomfort depends on the severity of the burn but you need to know about the first steps after a burn injury, before medical help arrives or the patient is taken to the hospital.

Burn injury is common in our homes. It can be in the kitchen, while ironing clothes, etc. So, what to do when one gets a burn while at home? Here are some steps to follow:

Remove jewellery: If you are wearing any jewellery at the site of the burn, remove it carefully. It should be done before a blister forms or the skin swells. Any tight clothing should also be removed.

Cool not cold water: It is generally believed that ice cold water is good for burns. But in reality, it forms blisters at the site of the burn. So, rather than ice or cold water, prefer running tap water over the site for 5-10 minutes.

Protect the area: Do not let any insects or dust come in contact of the wound. Clean around the area and cover with a soft and loose cotton cloth, if required.

Don’t use random ointments: If you don’t have a burn ointment, do not experiment. Get a specific ointment if possible, or just wait till you get to the hospital.

Treat pain: If the pain is unbearable, a pain-killer can be given to the patient.

The next step is to get medical help. Take the patient to the hospital for further care. Do not take any burn lightly; the doctor might feel the need to keep the patient on anti-biotic treatment to prevent further spread of the infection.

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