How to detect if my child has Anaemia

As per statistics, 90 million children in India are anaemic. The number makes it clear that it’s a lot. What’s worse is that many parents don’t know that their children are anaemic and hence no steps are taken towards their medication or treatment.

Anaemia is caused due to the lack of iron and other nutrients in the body. What’s worth knowing is that it is not only the poor strata of the society that suffers from it. Many children with adequate food supplies also suffer because they aren’t easy to feed.

So, how can parents detect if their child is anaemic? Let’s look at the symptoms:

  • The child gets tired easily.
  • Rapid heartbeat especially after an active session of exercise or playing.
  • Pale skin
  • Inability to sleep soundly
  • Dizziness

Untreated anaemia can cause some serious health issues in children which cannot be reversed. So, if your child has any of the above symptoms, it is best to consult a Specialist Paediatrician to know what’s wrong. It might not be anaemia, but something that might lead to it. Preventing it at an earlier stage is the best you can do.

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