How Are Cataracts Treated?

A blurry or cloudy vision can be the result of the cataract. It’s a common condition in elderly people, and can even affect young people in some cases. So, how’s cataract treated? Let’s have a look at the procedure:

Diagnosis: The first step is the diagnosis. Other than inquiring about your medical history and your symptoms, the doctor will perform an eye test. It will include the dilation of the pupils using eye-drop and examining other parts of the eye through various tests.

Can cataracts be treated without surgery?

If your eye doctor finds that the condition of your cataract is treatable using a corrective lens or spectacles, you would be recommended so along with some medicines.

What if it is severe? 

For cataracts that are severe or the ones which cannot be corrected using lenses, surgery is the only option. In cataract surgery, the affected lens is replaced with an artificial lens, often known as an intraocular lens.

It takes the place of your natural lens and becomes a permanent part of your eye structure.

The surgery is mostly an uncomplicated procedure and the patient is discharged within the same day.

Where can I get this done?

Most well-equipped hospitals are efficient with cataract surgeries.

Cataract and other eye problems are taken care of at Bansal Global Hospital by experts from the field. You can also book an appointment by directly contacting the help desk.

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