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High Risk Clinic for New Born Babies at Bansal Global Hospital

For any hospital to have a full-fledged maternity ward, it is important to have a high risk clinic for new born babies as well. When the baby is born, he/she isn’t in a condition to be shifted to a new place and it makes the case worse as the baby goes through the entire trauma. The mother is also weak and not in a condition to move to another place immediately after giving birth to a baby, in case the need arises.

Keeping this requirement or rather necessity in view, Bansal Global Hospital has a high risk clinic run under the supervision of Dr. Neha Bansal, our in-house paediatrician. The clinic ensures that immediate action is taken if the new born baby goes through any health problem which can be fatal.

Child birth is an unpredictable process. Even though things seem to be alright at one moment, it can change the very other moment. During child birth, the new born baby might suffer in some cases leading to problems like difficulty in breathing, under-developed organs, etc. Our high risk clinic is equipped with latest technological apparatuses to ensure best treatment.

In case of pre-mature birth, a well-resourced nursery is there to take care of babies till they are ready to endure the normal environment. Other than babies born in Bansal Global Hospital, our high risk clinic also caters to the needs of other new-born babies with risk factors and symptoms.

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