Dr. Suresh Bansal Talks to Local Daily

Dr Suresh Bansal, director of Bansal Global Hospital, recently had a talk with the local daily of the area to raise awareness about Encephalitis, commonly known as Chamki fever in parts of India.

The article published in the daily pinpoints how more than 150 lives are taken away till now (date of publishing) due to Chamki fever. Dr Suresh Bansal throws further light on the issue and says that only children from villages are affected by this. T

The reason for this can be the malnutrition they are suffering from which leads to worse conditions when they play around in the heat. It is a lack of water and proper nutrients which leads to this brain fever kind of condition.

Apart from that, Dr Suresh Bansal also shared his views on how so many lives could be saved if private hospital doctors are called out for help by government hospitals. As the number of Doctors in private hospitals is high, government hospitals can take their help in such situations so that patients have dedicated doctors and lives of children could be saved.

We are really proud of our Director’s insight over the issue and hope that in future, Bansal Global Hospital, as a team, can serve the nation in such cases of emergency. We also hope that such time doesn’t come up and a healthier India is built with proper awareness.

Photo ofDr Suresh Bansal
Dr Suresh Bansal
(Dr Suresh Bansal)
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