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Crying Baby – 7 Reasons Why Babies Cry?

It is very difficult for the parents to see their baby crying. The parents may worry, that something is not right with the child. This takes their peace away and they start to doubt their own parenting skills and start to think, that they are not able to handle their baby. Although, when the infant cries a lot throughout the day, it’s a sign they require something.

Things you need to know about crying:

Usual crying: Babies normally cry, when they are starving. In general, most babies cry for 1 to 2 hours unexplained every day, which is spread throughout the day.

Colic crying: Some babies cry over 3 hours one or two times per day. And can be easily handled and comforted. In the middle of their bouts of crying, they act happy and relaxed. A colic baby is not hungry and is not sick. Therefore, colic crying has nothing to do with any sickness or hunger. So, just remind yourself, it’s just the baby’s temperament.

Why does the baby cry?

The baby cries for various reasons as crying is the only emotion they know to communicate. An infant generally cries for 2 to 3 hours a day. Sometimes, they howl for no clear reason, but as you spend more time with them, you will be able to understand their specific needs.

Here are few reasons why babies cry:


We all start to act cranky if hungry, especially infants. In the initial 3 months, an infant is supposed to be fed every couple of hours. They can go from extremely low sound to screaming in no time if they are hungry. This “feed me” sound is usually short and low-pitched, which keeps increasing and falling.

2. Stomach issues:

Babies usually get cranky when they are gassy. If it happens on a regular basis, it could be they are allergic to something which the mother is consuming.

3. Tired:

Tired babies tend to become cranky instead of falling off to sleep.

4. Dirty diaper:

Many babies start to cry when the diaper gets dirtier as it makes them uncomfortable. Therefore, check the diaper frequently. There are many brands that have dampness indicators, you can also opt for those.

5. Urge to burp:

If the baby starts to cry after feeding, it is a sign they need to burp. It is better to give them a pat so that they burp. You can also feed them, while they are upright. Try special nipples and bottles specially made to avoid swallowing too much air. Some babies get slight heartburn due to formula milk.

6. Sickness:

A sick baby cries more than usual. So, if your baby inconsolable and crying louder than usual, high chances he is unwell. Check for other signs such as vomiting, fever, etc. In this case, fix an appointment with our team of expert pediatrics at the Bansal Global Hospital.

7. General discomfort:

There could be an itchy tag or a mosquito bite or any other small thing, which is making them uncomfortable. Babies know only one language to communicate, i.e. is by crying. So, strip your baby down and check what is troubling them.

If your child is also getting cranky more than usual, consult a doctor immediately. We at the Bansal Global Hospital have a team of specialized pediatrics who focuses on complete child health care service with a caring atmosphere.

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