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Covid 19 – How to Plan if you have Diabetes?


People with diabetes will have a severe coronavirus infection as they have a weak immune system. If you are suffering from Diabetes Type 1 or Type 2, how to plan for it:

  • Collect your supplies of food items like nuts, eggs, quinoa, lentils and fish etc. 
  • Keep a stock of groceries, so that you can remain at home for a longer period of time.
  • In case your blood sugar dips keep a stock of fruit juice, biscuits, honey, etc.
  • Keep a replenishment of your insulin, medications, vitamins and supplements. 
  • Phone number of your health care provider, doctor and pharmacist should be handy.
  • Additional supplies of soaps and alcohol based sanitizer.
  • Keep extra glucagon and ketone strips.

Discuss with your doctor

  • How frequently one should check their blood sugar and ketones?
  • How to amend your diabetes medicines, if you’re unwell?
  • What medications, you should take if you have cold, flu or any other illness?
  • When to call your doctor for any drug alteration, change in food pattern and for ketones?

Contact your doctor if you get Covid19 symptoms like fever, cough and shortness of breath. Be ready with your current readings of blood sugar and ketone and share with your doctor. Consult our team of health care provider at the Bansal Global Hospital

Note: Since we are exclusively dedicated Covid 19 hospital, we will not able to handle other medical cases for the time being. 

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