Lactation problems

Common Lactation Problems and their Solutions

Though it is very much known to all, that Breastfeeding is one of the most natural processes of existence, as it can be. But unknown to many is the fact that it doesn’t come that naturally to the mother. The mother constantly struggles to keep up with this new phase in her life, and in the course, faces some common problems. Bansal Global Hospital here lists some the most common lactation problems as noticed in new mothers (by experienced Gynecologists), and offers some tips that might come handy to you:

Problem 1: My child falls asleep while nursing, how do I know he’s still feeding?

Solution: This is normal and almost every breastfeeding mother goes through this. Simply put a bit of pressure (just a bit) on your breast to fill your infant’s mouth with milk. Your baby will suck and swallow the milk and be active again. You can also stroke your baby under the chin to encourage sucking.

Problem 2: Pain while latching

Solution: It’s normal for a new mother to feel a bit of pain while they just start at breastfeeding, but once the child is latched and you still feel pain lasting longer than a minute, you need to look into it. Check the position of your child. Make sure her mouth is wide open and chin pressed to the breast. Also, check your breasts aren’t too dry. You should wear loose clothing and go for doctor recommended creams when you are not nursing the baby. If the problem persists, book an appointment with an experienced gynaecologist.

Problem 3: The quantity of milk produced is quite much and my baby is fussy to feed as the flow is increased.

Solution: While some mothers struggle at producing enough milk for their infant, some produce more than required and that also poses a problem as the baby is unable to feed properly due to the large quantity he’s sucking at one go. Try switching to both sides within a gap of a few minutes, if you face a similar problem. Another tried and tested formula is to block a breast for a certain time. For example, for four hours or so, feed your child from the same breast, the other breast will become full and fullness of makes less milk eventually.

Problem 4: Clogged Ducts

Solution: Often, one of the pores facilitating milk flow is covered with multiple layers of skin. It is also known as milk blister. It feels like a large grain of sand is stuck in there and is painful. It’s not harmful to the baby so you can keep nursing. To get rid of the blister, massage it gently. You might also need to prick it with a sterilized needle to remove the blockage.

Problem5: Low Milk Supply

Solution: As stated earlier, many new mothers suffer to produce just enough milk for their infant. Frequent nursing aids in increasing milk supply. Moreover, take special care of your diet to increase the quantity of your milk. Click here to know about a Mother’s diet for increasing breastfeeding.

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