Vaginal prolapsed

Checkout if Vaginoplasty is an Option for You!

Vaginoplasty is a broad term used for construction and reconstruction of the vagina. It is majorly used for reshaping and tightening of vagina and can be used to treat a number of conditions. You can also get it done if any of the below symptoms or conditions matches yours:

Loose vagina after child birth

Vaginal opening may become loose after childbirth or due to tearing of vagina during childbirth. This vaginal laxity may cause sexual dysfunction. Vaginal tightening surgery can help regain normal elasticity of vagina and improve sexual pleasure.

Vaginal prolapsed

Vagina can protrude through the vaginal opening due to weak pelvic floor muscles and lax vagina. It is usually seen in old age and in people with multiple normal deliveries. In extreme cases uterus can also protrude from the vaginal opening. In these cases, Vaginoplasty is performed after positioning or removal of uterus.

Genetic disorders

Many genetic disorders can be treated with Vaginoplasty such as congenital absence or underdevelopment of vagina and fused vagina and urethral opening. Vaginal transplant may be required in such cases depending on the type of disorder.

Genital malignancy

Vaginoplasty may be required if there is any abnormal growth or lesion in the Genitilia. Vaginal reconstruction can be performed after removal of tumor or growth and normal function of vagina can be restored after surgery.

Vaginoplasty has proved to be beneficial for women suffering from the above conditions. If you are also looking into it as an option, discuss with our specialists at Bansal Global Hospital for further assistance.

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