Chalking out the Possible Causes of Urinary Tract Infection

Urinary Tract Infections are very common among females. But few know that is preventable. Many of the reasons for UTIs can be avoided by following good hygiene habits. In order to avoid infections, it is important to know the cause of it. Few of the causes are listed below:

Using unclean toilets

Using unclean toilets like public toilets that can be home to numerous disease-causing organisms can lead to UTIs. It is also important to frequently clean toilets at your home and avoid using public toilets when possible. Make it a point to use the washroom at your home before going out and always wash your hands afterward.

Sexual Activity

Sexual activities do often lead to infections. It may be due to poor hygiene of your partner or having unclean beddings etc. It is safe to know about you and your partner’s sexual health to avoid any Sexually Transmitted Diseases. Always urinate after having sexual intercourse and drink lots of water as it will help in flushing out bacteria out of your body.

Poor menstrual hygiene

Blood during menstruation can be an excellent medium for bacteria to thrive. Therefore, it is important to main some extra hygiene during those days. Change your sanitary pads and tampons frequently. If you use menstrual cups, sterilize them properly before use. Always wash your hands before and after changing any of these.

Urinary Catheters

Patients who use urinary catheters are at great risk of developing UTIs. A catheter can get infected easily especially when it is long-standing. It is important to frequently check and clean the patient. Keep the genital area dry to avoid any fungal and bacterial disease.

It is highly recommended to consult your gynecologist is you think you have UTI or any other infections. Self-medication can be really harmful in such cases. Do not apply anything on your genital areas or take any medicines without consulting a specialist doctor.

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