What causes the killer Dengue?

Dengue fever is a mosquito-borne and carried disease caused by the dengue virus. Every year, hundreds of people suffer from the disease and many of them end up their lives fighting with the fever. As it has been always said, prevention is better than cure.

And to prevent, you must know what causes it. Bansal Group of Hospitals, based on previous cases and data from other reliable sources, noted down some findings regarding the causes of dengue fever.

The deadly dengue virus is mainly of four types. Once a patient is affected by one of the viruses, he/she is immune from that particular virus but is still prone to the other three. In fact, if a patient is affected by another dengue virus after recovering from one of the viruses, the risk of the condition being severe increases. It might lead to hemorrhagic fever.

It is therefore recommended to households to keep a check on mosquito population in their surroundings. If one person is affected in a household or neighbourhood, the infection can be carried by a bunch of mosquitoes. To keep the mosquitoes away is the only way to escape dengue fever.

If any signs and symptoms of dengue fever show up, you must immediately take medical help to prevent it from getting severe. At Bansal Group of Hospitals, our expert medical team takes immediate steps to detect the virus and to mitigate the effect of the virus.


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