How to care for a fracture?

How to care for a fracture?

Care for fracture

A Fracture is a break or cracks in a bone. It can cause due to an accident, fall, injury, abuse, or a disease. Most bone fractures are caused by falls and accidents. 

In someone with a fracture, you may see swelling, bruising, discoloured skin around the affected area, an unusual bend or difficulty moving the affected area.  It may look bend or twisted and have a loss of strength.

What can you do to minimise further damage? 

Care for fracture Support the injured part to stop it from moving, it should minimise the pain and prevent further damage to the bone.

If it is an open fracture, meaning the fractured bone that breaks through the skin. Cover the wound with a clean bandage and apply pressure around the wound (not the bone) to control any bleeding. If an arm is fractured, support it against the body with a triangular bandage. And go to the nearby hospital and get it treated.  

Wearing a cast for few weeks or for a month helps the bone to stay in proper position to heal itself. 

Do and Don’ts of Cast care 

  • Keep the broken bone elevated. 
  • Keep your cast clean and pay attention to odour.  
  • Don’t get the cast wet. 
  • Don’t stick objects in your cast. 
  • If the pain doesn’t subside despite taking painkillers, call your healthcare provider or orthopaedic expert. 

Where to get help?

  • Your doctor
  • Emergency department of your nearest hospital
  • Orthopaedic surgeon
  • Physiotherapist

Physical therapy and rehabilitation after the cast is removed.

Fractures can take weeks to months to heal. It is advised to limit the activities even after the cast is removed so the bone becomes solid enough to bear stress.  Patients go through rounds of physiotherapy so that the bone can be fully healed. 

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