local public with specialized ICU

Bansal Global Hospital Serving Local Public with Specialized ICU

Since its inception, Bansal Global Hospital has been working along to provide services to the local public which are either unavailable in the region or is very expensive for a common man to afford. The hospital has come a long way since day one. And now, it provides one more crucial facility, i.e. the ICU.

The management talks about the newly built ICU in the hospital:

“Keeping in view the unavailability of critical care units in the nearby region, it became a necessity to come up with a solution so that no patient has to suffer just because of the lack of an ICU.”

“We wouldn’t want any of the patients in our hospital to take a chance and transfer to another hospital just because there is no ICU. We can’t let that happen as it is a matter of death. Hence, we built a fully operational ICU to serve critical patients.”

Not only is the ICU is built with state of the art machinery and Equipments, but it is also ensured that the staff in charge of taking care of ICU patients are fully trained to do so.

Bansal Global Hospital looks forward to serve all and keep improving their services to keep up with the latest technology in medical sciences.

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