Are you suffering from diabetes Bansal Global Hospital brings the best diet treatment for you

Diabetes is quite a common disease in India now days, caused by high amount of blood glucose that hinders normal functioning of the body. It slowly alters the body sensations, damages kidney and weakens eyesight. It is also

responsible for cardiovascular problems like high blood pressure and even heart attacks. Certain dietary changes can help in controlling diabetes so that it causes minimal damage to the body. Few tips by our experts are listed below to manage your diabetes better:

Avoid sweetened beverages

Sweetened beverages like carbonated drinks, tea, and coffee are to be avoided if your want to keep your diabetes in control. These beverages have high amount of sugar and preservatives, and empty calories that can alone raise your blood sugar.

Cut on your sugar intake

Sugar and glucose intake needs to be controlled. High blood sugar creates insulin resistance in body. It also initiates a cascade of reactions that damage the nerves and kidney. High sugar foods like sweets, biscuits, and flavoured food products should be avoided. Try to look for organic food and natural sweetener options like honey and avoid anything with preservatives.

Eat frequently

It is important to eat small meals every two-three hours and avoid starvation. Metabolism is majorly affected in diabetes. Frequent small meal helps to keep the metabolism at a fine pace. It also helps to improve digestion and prevent increase in weight.

Eat wholesome food

Food choices should be one of the biggest concerns in diabetes. Foods such as whole grains, nuts, vegetable and citrus fruits can prove to be beneficial. Canned, processed, and preserved food should be avoided at any cost. Eating fresh can remarkably help in controlling your diabetes.

Most of all, no matter how well you are doing, it is important to go for regular checkups with your doctor. You can book an appointment with our specialists at one of the following contacts:

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