Antenatal Checkups Scans Tests During Your Pregnancy

Antenatal Checkups During Pregnancy

A pregnancy prenatal checkup also referred to as antenatal check-up is preemptive healthcare to prevent potential health problems. It is the routine health control of presumed healthy pregnant women. Antenatal visit ensures the safety of mother and child both. Once your pregnancy is confirmed, it is important for you to have regular checkups throughout your pregnancy. Although you may be feeling well, it is still essential for you to attend your appointments with the doctor.  

Antenatal visits also provide you various information about your pregnancy like biological changes and physical pregnancy symptoms, prenatal nutrition, psychological state and precautions one can take during their pregnancy. The prenatal tests will include a range of tests such as blood tests and ultrasound. These are premeditated to:

  • Ensure a secure pregnancy
  • Potential risks which may be recognized and prevented
  • Verify and assess the growth and wellbeing of you and your baby

The accessibility of regular prenatal care, including prenatal screening and diagnosis, has been very helpful in dropping the occurrence of maternal deathmiscarriagesbirth defects, low birth weight, neonatal infections, and other aver table health problems.

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