Angina – Types

Angina – Types

Angina is a chest pain or uneasiness occurs when there is reduced blood flow to your heart muscle. The heart muscle needs the oxygen that the blood transports. It may feel like an indigestion or a heart attack. Angina is also referred to as Ischemic chest pain or Angina Pectoris.

Angina may describe as a pressure or a squeezing pain or heaviness or stiffness in the chest. It gives a feeling as if something heavy is lying on the chest. There can be pain in the neck, jaw, shoulders or back. It is moderately common and can be a sign of life-threatening heart condition. It is not a heart attack but it is signal for you to take care of your body as you are at a high risk of having a heart attack. Coronary heart disease can be a reason behind angina. 

Generally, lifestyle changes and medication can regulate angina but if it gets extreme, you may need an operation or may require a stent that opens your blocked arteries. 


There are three types of Angina:

1.Stable angina: It occurs when the heart is working harder than usual either during over physical activity or extreme sentiments. In this case one needs to rest and take proper medicines.

2.Unstable angina: It is the riskiest one and happens suddenly. There is no specific reason behind its cause. It indicates that you are at a risk of heart attack.

3.Prinzmetal angina: It is a kind of a spasm which gives a temporary discomfort or pain in the chest. The pain can be mild or acute. 

Not all kinds of pain in the chest can be Angina. If you have chest pain, you should see an expert immediately. Consult our team of health care provider at Bansal Global Hospital.

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