5 steps to maintain good hygiene during periods and its importance

Maintaining good hygiene during periods is very important as it is one of the leading causes of death in women in developing countries. Urinary tract infections are also related to many co morbidities and serious health issues. Few tips for maintaining good sanitary conditions are listed below:

Change sanitary pads frequently

Sanitary pads should be changed every 4-6 hours in order to avoid infection and odour. Wearing same sanitary pad for long time can cause blood and sweat to accumulate and invite disease causing infections. Urinary tract infections and rashes are common due to poor menstrual hygiene and can be prevented by using fresh sanitary napkin frequently.

Shave pubic area

Pubic hair can be unhygienic and can cause period blood to stagnate in the region. It also accumulates sweat and oil secretions from the skin making optimal environment for bacteria to grow. To avoid such conditions, shave and clean your pubic area frequently.

Take off stained cloths

Take off and wash stained clothes as soon as possible. Blood in clothes allow bacteria to grow and can infect you as well as other people around you. Your period blood can also be a means of transmission of diseases like hepatitis.

Properly clean your genitals

It is important to clean your groin area properly not just during menstruation but also on regular days. Make sure you don’t use any harsh soaps and products on your genitals as they interfere with their natural cleaning mechanism. Our vagina has tendency to clean itself by maintaining a particular pH; by using soaps, this pH gets disturbed and there is a threat to vaginal health.

See your gynaecologist

Visit your gynaecologist if you have rashes or any kind of skin changes in that area, difficulty in passing urine or any sort of irritation. It is important to detect infection at an early stage so that it can be managed better.

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